Handpoured by Beck

is committed to high quality beautifully scented and coloured candles. All my candles are individually hand poured using 100% Soy wax, Lead-free wicks, and high quality fragrance and essential oils. All of my candles contain No Palm Oil, No Beeswax and No Paraffin. My fragrance and essential oils are not tested on animals.

I believe in the enjoyment of high quality products without harm.

About Me

I’m Beck; a stay at home Mum with two young boys, one of whom is Autistic. As much as I love my boys, I really needed to do something for myself, to keep my sanity. I’ve always loved scented candles, as they really lift my mood and brighten my day. So I was naturally drawn towards candle making, and Handpoured by Beck was born!

Why Soy Wax?

I’ve always found that no matter how strong or lovely the scent is, cheap paraffin wax candles have a particular fake-smelling undertone that ruins the experience. I work with 100% natural soy wax, and high quality fragrance oils to ensure my candles smell clean, crisp and as they should.

Hand crafting vs factory precision

Like hand-woven silk, each candle is a hand crafted piece of work, and may have minor imperfections. I try to minimise these, but it’s nearly impossible to eliminate them entirely without resorting to factory production. I like to think of these imperfections as part of the charm of a hand poured candle.

My Process

All of my candles are hand crafted and poured. They are then air-set for 72 hours without lids, to prevent the fragrance from ‘sweating’, and spoiling the scent. Finally, they are kept sealed in a cool, dry area for a week to ensure the fragrance oil and soy wax have time to fully set and combine. All this is to make sure the candle burns well and the scent is strong and pure.

What’s in them?

All my candles are made using 100% Soy wax. they contain No Paraffin, No Palm Oil and No Beeswax. The majority of my range are made using high quality fragrance oils which sometimes feature Pure essential oils as an ingredient. I also offer a range of candles which are scented using only therapeutic grade Pure Essential Oils which are therapeutically beneficial and are also Vegan.


Contact me

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HandpouredbyBeck
twitter:      @handpouredbybec
email:         handpouredbybeck@gmail.com

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